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Artist Statement (by Rosemary A. Crisci)

My inability to find a beautiful and special note card to write "Thank You" notes prompted me to design and paint my own. My love of nature inspired the florals. (And life has inspired the rest.) Since I started painting the note cards, I have expanded my line of floral designs to include contemporary designs, Christmas cards, glassware, and hand-painted boxes, as well as Oils on Canvas.

Each note card and envelope are painted on high-quality recycled paper. Each is finished in the inside and comes with a coordinating envelope. Each note card and envelope are hand-signed. Since each note card and envelope are painted "free-hand," no two are exactly alike.

Please visit the gallery section to see our full range of designs, as well as ordering information.

These beautiful, hand-painted note cards are sold as a single card or in a package of six. Each package of six contains six cards of the same design. They are the card for any occasion (Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, Thank-You, Thinking of You), a special note that expresses your thought and feelings. Or you may decide to purchase them for a gift. Each package of six is tied with a ribbon and placed in a clear plastic box. When available, I have the coordinating hand-painted boxes, which can be kept as a keepsake, or a large, hand-painted envelope that holds a set of six cards that match the envelope.

Many of my designs are suitable for women and for men. Since each note card and envelope is an original piece of art, many recipients frame them.

Since each note card is hand-painted, from time to time I may be temporarily sold out of your first choice. Please, choose a second or possibly a third choice, or if you wish, I can contact you when I paint that specific flower or design.

Any card that is Navy Blue, Hunter Green, or Black will be White or Ivory on the inside.

The computer is an amazing tool! But nothing can uplift someone’s spirits and embrace a feeling like a handwritten note.

My Oils come in a variety of sizes. The depth and intensity of color is achieved by layering various hues, tints, and shades of color.

Each canvas is prepared. Next, the underpainting is done. When the canvas is dry, I use various techniques to apply paint and texture. Again, when the canvas is dry, I start painting and glazing techniques. This process is repeated several times, until I feel the piece is finished.

My work is an expression of individuality. (It’s how I view flowers , landscapes, the oceans, the stars; it’s how I create my abstracts).

I take great pride and enjoyment in painting.

My hope is that you receive as much enjoyment from my art as I take pride in painting each piece.

-Rosemary A. Crisci


I have received a First Place Blue Ribbon and a Second Place Red Ribbon in exhibition.

I have participated in juried shows at: The Butler Museum, Hathaway-Brown, St. John’s Westshore, Arts at the Center, Sylvania, Arts on the Creek in Atlanta, Georgia, Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art, and Winterfair in Columbus. I will be participating at the Lincoln Center, NYC, among others. I came to painting a bit later in life. I love it, and I enjoy it! I started painting seriously about three years ago, starting first with note cards, and graduating to oils on canvas. I have received formal training for a little over a year. Again, I love it and enjoy it.

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